How can we help your company?

  • We facilitate the connection between your corporate volunteers and the projects that are aligned to your values.
  • We offer your staff access to hundreds of different projects supporting different causes.
  • We assist you in boosting the image of your company as a socially responsible corporation among employees, stakeholders and the community.
  • We provide you with a platform to channel skilled and scarce resources to the community.
  • We represent the opportunity for your employees to develop new skills (team work, leadership, communication skills, etc) through their volunteer work.
  • We help you to manage and monitor the volunteering activities carried out by your staff.
  • We provide you metrics on your company´s performance and other relevant statistics to your company, your management and your shareholders.
  • We are a new channel of communication with all volunteers within your organization.
  • We are the easiest way to promote volunteering job among your employees.

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How can we help you as a volunteer?

  • We represent the easiest, quickest and most efficient way to offer your time as a volunteer.
  • We provide you with multiple opportunities to volunteer for the causes you want, from wherever and whenever you can.
  • We offer a powerful search engine that allows you to find the volunteer job that excites you most, and where your skills can have the most impact.
  • We are the easiest way for you to offer any time you can to the causes you care about.
  • We will keep you updated with projects that are in line with your preferences.
  • We facilitate the dialogue with an Non-Profit to apply, discuss and execute your project.
  • We allow you to follow the causes and organizations that most interest you.

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How can we help your Non-Profit?

  • We are the best option to be accessed by the right volunteers for your project to accomplish your targets.
  • We will give you access to the easiest and most accurate tool to publish your projects.
  • We make volunteering enrollment easier for everyone.
  • We provide a platform that will allow you to choose the most skilled and appropriate volunteers for each of your projects.
  • We offer you a tool to communicate with your volunteers, as well as a platform to manage your projects.
  • We represent an opportunity for your organization to be seen and considered by thousands of volunteers around the world.
  • We will facilitate the opportunity to partner with leading corporations.

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