What can Instant Karma offer businesses?

Instant Karma is a pioneering application which offers businesses the opportunity to comply with their corporate social responsibility through corporate volunteering.

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companies will have an easy way to promote volunteering among their staff

Registered companies will have an easy way to promote volunteering among their staff. Each person from the business in question who wishes to join up as an Instant Karma volunteer will be authorized in the first place by the company, and then will register with their own profile. Staff will then be able to access the Instant Karma project bank and filter the projects and charitable actions by location, duration and type.

On top of that, businesses can encourage staff participation in specific projects, so they can work together on a particular venture.

Workers will create a report on the schemes and projects they collaborate on, which will be posted to both the volunteer's and the business' profile. Instant Karma generates global activity reports that can also be published where participation statistics, the best-performing activities, photographs, comments, etc., can be viewed.

Companies and their staff will also have an instant messaging and notification service, which will create an immediate means of communication, which we hope will generate a new conversation about volunteering and bring together staff and company.

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